We Ensure to Prevent the Privacy of our Travelers Personal details.

Travellers! We promise to keep your personal information secure! By log in our website, you agreed to follow our policies and practices:

  • Information gathered by our team
  • Use of your given Information
  • How long we keep your data
  • Your personal details protection
  • Your rights
  • Your taste and preferences concerning collecting and using your details
  • Contact us

Information gathered by our team

Whatever Information the customer entered on our website or provided to us via email, fax, telephone, etc. is kept with us. The stored Information is all about your identification, like your name, telephone number, address and other details. Apart from that, some crucial information about payment, like cardholder name, credit card number and more, is stored.

Periodically Information obtained via our third –party sources and business partners is stored with us.

Usage of your given Information

Your personal information, gathered by us, is used for the below purposes:

  • For availing product and services as required by you
  • For availing latest and necessary travel updates
  • For managing your account
  • For processing your bills
  • For updating you with travel notifications
  • For handling your queries and taking up your questions
  • For measuring your responses and interest in our brand’s products and services
  • For availing your Information regarding special discounts, festive offers, low-fare deals, packages and more.
  • Forgiving you rewards through our rewarding system
  • For collecting fees
  • For preventing all the prohibited or illegal activities

How long we keep your data

  • We retained your details until we accomplish the purpose for which the details were obtained.
  • Mostly, we stored your components for almost for six years
  • We keep all the records under our legal and regulatory guidance

Your personal details protection

Your Right

Our customers have the right to:

  • Have words with our experts regarding their data being processed by us.
  • Request deleting your data.
  • Request to remove your consent.
  • Request to get access for your personal information that is stored with us.

Contact Us

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