We are known for being a trustworthy and reliable name in the travel sector. We promise to maintain an open interaction between source and client at our platform to avoid the confusion and travel-related issues. Thus, before accessing our platform, you must go through the company's privacy policy and terms and condition. In case, you do not agree with the below terms; you can refrain by clicking on below link. We request you to access the website only if you are agreed with our privacy policy terms and condition.

Prohibited actions

Our website content gives you all the references. Whatever content or service rendered by our platform is not subject to sale by an entity, exchange, alter, publish, or transmit. No one has the right to:

  • Use the website content for any commercial use
  • Sell any goods and services by linking to our website
  • Link or copy any part of our website content without our approval

Terms and conditions

The website has defined all the terms and conditions. The site outlines what you can do or what you must not do. The site proffers all the details and specifications about how the company will function if you won’t follow the company instructions. You must read out the terms and conditions before purchasing a service from the website.

Alterations of Terms and Policies.

We hold the right to update the terms and conditions without any prior notice. The revised terms and conditions will stay on the website. Check out the terms regularly. Whenever you visit the website, you must read out the terms and conditions. We presume that users who land on our website will read and acknowledges the terms and conditions mentioned.

Charges and Taxes

The platform consists of expenses and costs of airlines and government taxes and fees. No additional charges for airport inspection, Fuel taxes and costs are chargeable. In any case, the pricing of flight tickets increases after booking and payment; no extra charges will be chargeable. The reservations done by calling or via the website will be charged a nominal reservation fee.

Third-party links

Any third–party links added on the website are done to inform and educate clients about their goods and services. We are not responsible and accountable for their work; we are not their marketers or sponsors. Customers have the right to decide whether third-parties goods and services will be displayed on our website or not. The third-party terms and conditions may differ from us, so buyers are liable to readout and verify their terms and conditions before making any purchase.

Privacy Policy

For ease in the business, the company intends to encourage the implementation of privacy policies. Once you have read out and followed all the terms and conditions present on the company homepage, please use the website. If you do not adhere to our company privacy policy, you cannot use the website. As per our business policies, we assumed that every user on our site has read and follow the privacy policy.

Disclosure of data

We assure you that your data is secured with us, and we are using it for any commercial reason. In some cases, the service provider will request you assist them with some of your details. In case of any circumstances or disputes, we will share the information with the Department of Law Enforcement.

If you have any questions or issues regarding our privacy policy, you are free to contact us; You can visit our official website or call our expert.