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"Let's Fly Together on your dream destination."

What an avid traveler wishes for? We assure you that you always wanted to look out for tempting tour deals at the best fares! Right? Connect to Allegiant Airlines official site and get access to lucrative holiday deals and packages at minimal prices.

Travelers'! Are you gapping for the pocket -friendly travel deal of your favorite destination? Or wanted to enjoy the hassle-free and comfortable travel experience! Come and land on the kingdom of Allegiant Airlines.

We promise to make your travel best till date by proffering our top-notch facilities and premium utilities. Due to our world-class services, we are appreciated as a low-cost airline, and we got the title of being the ninth-largest commercial airline in the United States territory. We drop our passengers at almost 115 destinations in our 90 aircraft.

We are flushed with smart features and boast fantastic tour deals and packages from time to time, visit the allegiant airline's website and check out why we have ranked as the top-most brand in the aviation sector.

With our low-fare tickets and travel deals, we have left many top travel players behind in the race; for more details, visit our website or have words with our gem of experts.

How To Reserve Your Tickets via Allegiant Airlines Reservations?

Want to have reasonable air-tickets? Please get your tickets quickly booked via the following steps: let's check it out.

Go for the online reservations option on Allegiant Airlines Official Site

Do you know the cost-effective way of booking your tickets? Get the tickets booked via the online process! What you have to do is- You need to visit Allegiant airline's official site; secondly, log in your details on the homepage and follow some easy steps to book your flight tickets. Once you have made the online payment via valid credit or debit card, you will receive your reservation confirmation.

Check out the display of specially crafted travel offers, packages, and deals, that are showcased on Allegiant airline's official site.

Book your tickets via Mobile App

Travelers' apart from online booking, you can grapple the lowest fare tickets by downloading the Allegiant airlines mobile app. What you have to do is- download the application on your Android or iPhone via the play store or App store and check out the exclusive travel offers and deals.

Get your Allegiant tickets at Airport

Are you unable to make online reservations? No worries! Get your destination tickets by visiting the nearest Airport! Our professional experts are there at airports to serve you with budget-friendly Allegiant Airlines flight tickets.

So when are you flying with us?


Allegiant Airlines tends to make your travel experience comfortable and seamless through its amazing services and other benefits. This major American airline allows you to manage your flight itineraries, change or cancel your existing bookings.

It is believed that there can be several unfavourable situations which may lead to flight change or cancellation, therefore, for your convenience Allegiant allows you to manage your flight bookings easily. Customers can change/cancel their flight bookings through Allegiant Airlines official site, through a mobile-friendly app or by visiting the nearest airport.


Allegiant allows its customers to make hassle-free flight changes and cancellations without paying any additional fee or charges. All Allegiant Airlines flight tickets may be cancelled for a full refund up to 24 hours after the original purchases with no cancellation penalty.

Standard tickets: if you want to cancel your Allegiant Airlines reservations and it has been more than 24 hours since you've booked your ticket then you will be charged an extra fee of $75 per passenger. The remaining funds will be applied as non-refundable credit which can be further used for future purchases. No credit will be issued for no-shows or flight cancellations made within 7 days of the scheduled flight departure.

Trip flex: all tickets may be cancelled for full refunds up to 24 hours after the original purchase with no extra fees. Trip flex flight tickets let you make a one-time change to the date, flight, destination of your Allegiant Airlines reservations. Customers with Trip Flex can change itinerary once or even postpone their trip without paying cancellation or change fee of $75 each way per passenger. You can modify your flight services up to 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure.

Award ticket: cancelling an Allegiant Airlines award ticket follows the same fee structure as the cash tickets. If a customer has purchased a Trip Flex with their award ticket then he/she will not be charged any cancellation or change fee.


  • Visit the Allegiant Airlines official site
  • On the homepage, click on the option "Manage Travel"
  • Select the booking you want to change or cancel
  • Click on the option "Cancel Booking"
  • Enter the confirmation number and your last name
  • Click on continue and request for refunds

Baggage Policy of Allegiant Airlines Official Site

Are you up for traveling in allegiant airlines? If "yes," For a perfect traveling experience in allegiant airlines, you must know its policies, . Check out below.:

You must save ample money by reserving your checked and carry-on bags before your traveling.

  • All the passengers if Allegiant airlines can bring one of their items on board for no cost: Indeed if you opt to get checked luggage or a carry-on bag, fees apply.
  • As per the information, higher prices are there at the airport. It is recommended that you reserve your bags before take-off via the Manage Travel option on the allegiant airline's site.

Every Allegiant Passenger is permitted to carry One Free Personal Item

  • You can get your one personal stuff ( like briefcase, purse, or backpack), and it will be stored underneath your seat in front of you.
  • The maximum dimensions of your item must be 7x15x16 inches.

Passengers are allowed to carry - one bag per ticket.

  • You must see that your one carry-on Bag, like your garment bag or roll-aboard bag, must get fitted in the overhead bin.
  • The maximum size that is valid is 9x14x22 inches.

What you can do is? Pre-purchase up to 4 checked bags per ticket.

  • The checked bags can weigh upto 18 kilos (40 pounds).
  • The maximum size can be 203 centimeters in (H+W+L). Additional charges may be applied for those bags above 40 pounds, oversize, or sporting equipment.

Please, passengers, do measure your travel bags carefully: check out handles and wheels.

Airport travel bag fees will be there for oversized personal items and excess carry- on Baggage.

Booking Through Allegiant Airlines App

In today's time, the mobile application is the savior; it saves your bundle time and facilitates you with your favorite travel deal at one click. Isn't it? It is the time of innovation, so why don't we use such innovations. One such innovation in the Allegiant world is its application for its passengers. Use it and fly to your dream destination.

Are you excited to travel with us? But, juggling with offline ticket booking options or stressed out with the heavy rush at the airport, now, with an allegiant airlines app, within a few clicks, you can book tickets of your dream destination and get a golden opportunity to grasp tempting tour offers.

What you have to do is? Download the Allegiant airlines app from your play store or Apple store and get your tickets. So, the official application of allegiant is Allegiant travel and airlines. Passengers can book their vacations online by landing on, and then you can take advantage of the allegiant application for making your trip a success.

Passengers must follow some instructions on the app, and you must follow the trip on a card-by-card basis in the application. Each phase in the app trip option will present as a card in a timeline of your journey.

So, if you wanted to have ease in your ticket booking procedure, download the Allegiant airlines application.

How to Check in Policy with Allegiant Airlines?

It is the time to get you checked in!

You must check in to hold your boarding passes almost 45 minutes prior and 24 hours before your scheduled allegiant flight.

Passengers have two options for having their boarding passes in advance. Let us check out the two options:

  1. You can easily use the allegiant airline's website to check-in and can print your e-boarding passes via the site and get it with you to the airport
  2. What you can do is? You can download the Allegiant mobile application on your android, or I phone and get your paperless boarding passes, which is a great and recommended option.

It depends on your convenience, which option you go for. By getting the boarding pass by above options, you will get a chance to save $5 on each boarding pass fee which is applied by agents on printing your boarding passes at the airport.

The three options are given on the website, by which you can access to your itinerary- By email, By confirmation, By credit/debit card.

So ready to travel with allegiant airlines! Be a smart traveller and do your check-in before your flight departure.

Deals And Discounts Package

Are you one of the allegiant passengers? Are you also looking for some mesmerizing tour deals and great discounts?

Allegiant airlines are offering a bundle! Now, passengers have the golden chance to select a bundle and can save up to $114 per ticket/passenger.

Bundles in allegiant airlines are packages of some famous services that bring together by most passengers like you. But with the added discount to your ticket, you can opt for a bundle to:

  • Streamline the ticket booking experience
  • Save time
  • Save money

By purchasing a round-trip ticket, you can get a savings of $114. Bundle inclusions vary by flight bundles or city pair that you buy at the original ticket booking. It is non-refundable, and you cannot be unbundled ( no passenger can remove or decline any of the items in the bundle). Alterations in travel dates or cities may let you charge an additional charge for one or more than one item there in the bundle.

For more information about deals and discounts, connect to the official site of allegiant airlines.


Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the ninth-largest retail airline in the United States, Allegiant airlines was founded as WestJet Express in 1997 under the parent corporation, Allegiant Travel company. with 100 plus aircraft in its fleet flying within and beyond America, the company furnishes a detailed travel experience.


Allegiant flies to numerous destinations. The few busiest airports are listed below:

  1. Orlando/Sanford, Florida
  2. St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Punta Gorda/Fort Myers, Florida
  5. Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona


Being a budget-friendly airline, Allegiant excludes Premium economy, Business, and First-Class tickets and offers only 1 cabin class - economy class seats. Netizens looking for budget-friendly airlines mostly end up flying with Allegiant airlines. The configuration of seats is divided into standard seating and extra legroom depending.


Allegiant allows you to book at the counter or via calling at (702)-505-9270 or you can even book your tickets online at the comfort of your place with Allegiant Airlines Reservations and kick start your journey as and when you like. Here's what it takes to book your tickets at the counter -

  1. Visit the airport physically and head straight to the ticket counter at Allegiant airport
  2. Fill a form requiring details of the flight like date, destination and class, and number of passengers
  3. Pay for the tickets once you get them, and you're good to go!


If you or your traveling companion are flying with Allegiant and have a disability, be sure to mention it when booking a reservation online or over the phone. You can easily get assistance from the airline. Contact the Allegiant Reservations Center at 1-702-505-8888 to request wheelchair assistance, seating accommodation, or any help escort assistance for a visually impaired passenger at no extra cost. Other assistance devices you can get are walkers, canes, crutches, etc.

As they say, they behave. The airline treats every passenger no less than family and hence furnish a smooth onboarding as well as journey.

The airline also offers deals and offers on flight tickets and more. For numerous deals and offers on several destinations, log on to Allegiant Airlines Deals and grab the early discounts really quick!! So, passengers, now that you are well aware of your reservations, various other aspects, and deals, book now with Allegiant Airlines Reservations and get ready to fly without worry.

Why Choose our Allegiant Airlines Flights on Allegaintairsky?

An allegiant airline believes your family is our family. We are providing the best inflight experience to our passengers, and we are known for catering the best services at the time of pandemic too. We are taking all the precautions and taking care of the needs of our passengers.

So, at Allegiant airlines, you are safe and secure. If you want to get good discounts and great tour deals, then come and land on Allegiantairsky and have a hassle-free and comfortable journey.

What are your tours plans? Check out all your destination information, news updates on our official website or connect to our experts via call and get all the necessary updates. After the pandemic hits the world, we have made changes in our plans and deals, checkout on our site or app and get much information.

So, what is your dream date? Want to raise a toast with your loved one? Want to go for a coffee date? Or want to have a beach sidewalk? Book your destination tickets on Allegaintairsky and kick off your travelling experience.

This 2021, let us fly together, passengers! We will make you fly-high with us and get engage in our flight services. So, let us catch out and travel together.

Allegiant Airlines Flight Booking

Traveling is the synonym of happiness! Want to travel to your favorite destination? So, you must make your travel plans! It is the right time to book tickets, what you have to do is? Go to Allegiant Airlines Flight Booking, and book your tickets, one of the easiest ways of ticket booking.

Now, you can start making your travel diaries and get ready to explore the beautiful United States cities with allegiant airlines. Get ready to meet new people, new traditions, varied cuisines, and much more exciting things you have not experienced before. Allegiant Airlines Flight wants to be your travel buddy; we offer you world-class travel opportunities, tour packages, and attractive discounts; what else you wish for travelers!

Let's cheers on your travel!

It's time to celebrate your happiness, your special moments at your travel destination. So, plan your trip with your loved one and kick off your vacations. Get ready to visit some of the gorgeous locations, where you can spend evenings at the beach with your partner or night in the nightclubs or lounge.

Why must you travel? Are you happy in your life? Today everyone is stressed out due to their hectic schedule; that's why people are dig in the pool of stress; traveling is the best solution! Do you travel where you wish to? We are with you; we will give you the wings to fly high because we are allegiant airlines.

You are welcome at our Kingdom! Book your tickets via the allegiant airline's flight booking option and get amazing discounts.

Let us create lifetime memories!

You won't regret your trip, and even you will cherish the memories throughout your life. Travelling will let you make some fantastic memories of your dream place. Traveling is nothing but magic that will make your life more beautiful.

So book your allegiant airlines flight ticket and let's fly.

How You Can Get Military Discount on Allegiant Airlines Booking?

Allegiant Airlines provides select services for free to armed forces, military veterans, members of the National Guard, special-forces reserve, and their dependent family members in the United States. So if you are military personnel, you can take the service of Allegiant Airlines flight booking when planning to move to any place.

↔ With proof of identification, qualifying military members and their dependents or spouses and children are qualified for Allegiant discounts below.

↔ Services are provided at no cost to active personnel members of the United States military, as well as members of the National Guard:

↔ There is no charge for up to three (3) portions of hold luggage. Also, every bag should therefore carry less than 100 pounds.

↔ There is no fee for extra-large checked baggage

↔ One free ride bag within Allegiant's space constraints.

↔ At the airport, you can print your boarding pass for free.

↔ Seat assessments are free, subject to availability.

↔ There is no charge for up to one (1) pet per cabin.

↔ Active military personnel is entitled to reserved seating at no additional cost.

↔ Active military personnel will not be charged a transition or cancellation fee if their orders alter.

↔ Free services are provided to U.S. military veterans and family members or dependents of active-duty or reserve military personnel in the United States, as well as members of the National Guard:

↔ There is no charge for up to three pieces of checked baggage. Each bag must evaluate less than 40 pounds.

↔ There is no fee for oversized hold luggage.

↔ One free carry-on bag within Allegiant's size limits.

↔ At the airport, you can print your boarding pass for free.

↔ Seat assessments are free, subject to availability.

↔ There is no charge for up to one pet per cabin.

Procedure To Get Military Discount On Allegiant Airlines Booking

↔ If you would like to have a military discount on Allegiant Airlines flights, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

↔ At the very first instance, you have to visit the official site of the Allegiant Air Then search for the booking section of the military and tap on it.

↔ After that, fill in the details like destination place and departure place

↔ Then select the departure and arrival date

↔ Then look for flights and then select the discounted flights from the list.

↔ At last complete the payment procedure and your flight booking are complete.

↔ All of the information provided here is accurate and serves the purpose of explaining where to get a military discount on allegiant air. If necessary, you can gain deeper insights into how to get the Military discount from Allegiant Airlines' committed customer service team.

Allegiant Airlines Introduction

Allegiant Air was established in January 1997 as WestJet Express by Mitch Allee (founder, CEO), Jim Patterson (president), and Dave Beadle (chief pilot). After having lost a trademark dispute with West Jet Air Centre of Rapid City, South Dakota, and acknowledging the name's resemblance to WestJet Airlines of Calgary, Alberta, the airline renamed to Allegiant Air and obtained FAA and US DOT accreditation for international flights internal routes on June 19, 1998. The airline is also authorized to provide charter service to Canada and Mexico.

Allegiant Air established a small centre in Long Beach, California (LGB), and by 2000, this was able to operate daily flights to Fresno and Las Vegas, in furthermore to continual service between Fresno and Las Vegas. So if you are searching for allegiant airlines ticket you can visit their official site.

Eventually in 2000, Allegiant expanded rapidly and had been functioning the only constant jet service among Lake Tahoe Airport and Long Beach Airport, as well as latest flights into Portland, Oregon and Reno with non-stops between Portland and Reno and execute one-stop facility between Portland and Fresno mostly through Reno.

Booking through Allegiant airlines app

Allegiant's primary goal is to serve business travellers, especially those from colder northern climates, who would like to visit warm-weather tourist attractions like Punta Gorda, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Allegiant also provides metropolitan areas with very few regular flights from major airlines.

Allegiant offers fewer flights and also no accommodations including such frequent flier points as well as on amusement to maintain Allegiant airlines tickets prices minimal. However it does not provide linking customer support, and buyers can only acquire non-stop routes on its website.

Allegiant now also serves a number of major airports, such as McCarran International in Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood in Florida. Allegiant departed from such a strategic plan in June 2013, announcing interest in competing with Southwest Airlines by providing nonstop flights among Las Vegas and Austin, a moderate centre delivered by 10 carriers with incessant pathways including over 40 destinations. In addition, compared to international airline companies, the airline operates paths only three or four times each week. This necessitates lesser crew members and enables for less time-sensitive flight operations. For allegiant flight booking you need to check their official site.

Deals and discounts

The airline, such as Ryanair, a low-cost airline established by the Ryan family of Ireland, which has also spent in Allegiant, strives operating revenues to support ticket revenue. [17] Formal paraphrase These supplementary charges also include for verifying belongings, carrying on luggage (other than a small personal item), purchasing foods and drinks on board, acquiring progress seat assignments, and many other services. So if you are looking for allegiant airlines booking service you must go through their official site. Allegiant often receives fees from its webpage by selling hotel rooms, rental cars, and admittance to tourist destinations. Allegiant Trips is the premium brand under which it wants to sell package vacation trips. The company has contracts to 34 hotel chains in Las Vegas and 21 hotels in Orlando and Daytona Beach, Florida.

Allegiantairsky Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest month to fly to Allegiant?

Allegiant airlines are the perfectionist in designing low-fare tickets for its passengers. Do you want to know what the cheapest month to fly to Allegiant is? Check out it FAQ section, and you will get all the information.

But as per allegiant updates, the airlines have the policy to introduce their flights to an average rate, and then, as per the demand, the air-fare rises until the seats get filled. As per the allegiant news, the airlines have recently announced its 6-9 months flight schedule, so if you want to book your tickets, then do it now in advance. You will save some dollars per ticket. What can be best than this golden opportunity? Pre-book your tickets and save a bundle.

What cities does Allegiant Airlines fly to?

Allegiant has its route near you passengers! Where you want to fly in the United States? Allegiant will take you. We fly to and from many places in the US and near Canada. Want to know our route? What you have to do is? Click on to allegiant route map and get all the information. But your favorite allegiant is flying to Austin, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Key West, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Portland, and many other destinations. Where you want to go? Book your destination ticket via us and land where you want to

How many days before a flight is the best price? (Allegiant)

Even after adding some additional fees, and the allegiant airline is still the cheaper option to fly. In comparison to other airlines, Allegiant airlines are offering you the best price. Before booking your ticket, do check out the fare on the website.

60-90 days before you must book your tickets to get the best price; Allegiant airlines has already given its flight schedule for almost 90 days so that you can book your ticket in advance. Now the ball is in your court; you have a golden opportunity, do not miss it and pre-book your tickets to have low-fare tickets and hassle-free reservations.

What are Allegiant Airlines hand luggage rules?

An allegiant airline has its baggage policy; before packing your bags, consider its policy and pack your stuff accordingly.

It is time to save your money by reserving your carry-on –bags and checked in advance. Allegiant passengers are permitted to carry their one personal item in flight without paying any additional charges. In case you are taking your checked luggage/carry-on bags, you have to bear any extra charges.

So, every passenger can get their one free personal item and carry one carry-on bag fitted in the Overhead bin. Before the flight takes off, you must visit to manage travel to get your bags reserve and get all the luggage policy details.

How can I report damaged baggage?

If you got your bag damaged and seeking redressal of the issue, you can visit the airport Allegiant Baggage Service Office to submit a Delayed Baggage Report within 4 hours of the flight arrival time. If you were unable to report checked baggage issues at the airport, you can send an email to Allegiant Airlines through this link:

How can I check-in for Allegiant flights?

You can check in for your Allegiant flights through or the Allegiant mobile application. Select the 'Check In' tab appearing at the top of the homepage. Fill in the itinerary details such as first name, last name, and confirmation number in the blank boxes. Click on 'Continue' and you will get checked in for your flight.

How can I add or remove seats and bags from my itinerary?

If you want to add or remove seats and bags from your itinerary, just visit and click on the 'Manage Trip' tab appearing at the top. Enter your itinerary details such as first name, last name, and confirmation number in the blank boxes and click on 'Continue.' You can also change your seats and add bags during advance check-in (on the Allegiant website or the Allegiant mobile application).


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